Fred Stuart Kantor MD

Paul B. Beeson Professor of Medicine (Immunology)

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical Group

Office of Student ResearchInternal Medicine: Allergy & Clinical Immunology

Research Interests

Host parasite relationship in Lyme Borreliosis; immune relationship between Borrelia burgdorferi and the host in chronic infection more...


  • M.D., New York University, 1956

Selected Publications

  • Pedra JH, Narasimhan S, Deponte K, Marcantonio N, Kantor FS, Fikrig E. Disruption of the salivary protein 14 in Ixodes scapularis nymphs and impact on pathogen acquisition. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2006 Oct;75(4):677-82.
  • Neelakanta G, Li X, Pal U, Liu X, Beck DS, DePonte K, Fish D, Kantor FS, Fikrig E. Outer surface protein B is critical for Borrelia burgdorferi adherence and survival within Ixodes ticks. PLoS Pathog. 2007 Mar;3(3):e33.
  • Li X, Neelakanta G, Liu X, Beck DS, Kantor FS, Fish D, Anderson JF, Fikrig E. Role of outer surface protein D in the Borrelia burgdorferi life cycle. Infection & Immunity 75(9):4237-4244, 2007.



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