Eric Holmboe, MD

Research Organizations

Internal Medicine: General Internal Medicine

Research Summary

* Medical Education. I am particularly interested in the tools used in the evaluation of clinical competence and in improving the direct observation skills of faculty. Little research has been done to improve the direct observation of basic clinical skills despite research repeatedly highlighting the importance of such skills in the care of patients.
* Quality of care. My research here focuses on specific interventions and physician leadership in improving the quality of care. I am also working on a statewide diabetes project for Medicare patients and a diabetes quality of care curriculum and experience for residents.
* Patient–Physician Communication. My main interest here is the delivery of risk and benefit information by physicians to patients. We are currently exploring new methods of risk and benefit education with patients.

Selected Publications

  • Holmboe ES, Wang Y, Brass L. The long term consequences of upper extremity peripheral neuropathy in former Vietnam Prisoners of war. Accepted, Military Medicine, 2002.
  • Holmboe ES. Oral hypoglycemics therapy for type 2 diabetes: clinical applications. JAMA, 2002 287: 373-76.
  • Scinto JD, Gill TM, Grady JN, Holmboe ES. Screening mammography: is it appropriately targeted among elderly women? J Am Geriac Soc. 2001. 2001 49: 1101-04.
  • Bradley EH, Holmboe ES, Mattera JA, Roumanis SA, Radford MA, Krumholz HM. A qualitative study of increasing Beta-blocker use after myocardial infarction: why do some hospitals succeed? JAMA, 2001 285: 2604-11.
  • Holmboe ES, Fiebach NF, Galaty L, Huot S. The effectiveness of a focused educational intervention on resident evaluations from faculty: a randomized controlled trial. J Gen Intern Med. 2001 16: 1-6.

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Eric Holmboe, MD