Peter Macgarr Rabinowitz, MD, MPH

Associate Professor (Adjunct) of Medicine (Occupational Medicine); Director of Electives, Yale School of Medicine; Director, Yale Human Animal Medicine Project

Research Interests

Influenza in Birds; Infection; Influenza, Human; Disorders of Environmental Origin; Occupational Diseases; Zoonoses; Environmental Illness; Hearing Loss

Public Health Interests

Avian Flu; Bioinformatics; Cross-Species Transmision; Developing Countries (health); Environmental Health; Flu; Climate Change; Infectious Disease Transmission; International Health; Occupational Health; Public health practice; Risk Science; Tropical Diseases; Zoonosis

Research Organizations

Internal Medicine: General Internal Medicine | Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Research Summary

I am engaged in research looking at human animal health interactions, including transmission of zoonotic disease and animals serving as sentinels for biological, chemical, and physical health hazards in the environment (like the "canary in the coalmine").

I also research the effects of noise on health, particularly noise-induced hearing loss and its prevention.

Extensive Research Description

  • Occupational infectious disease risks in animal farm workers (swine workers and poultry workers)
  • Pandemic influenza prevention in swine workers
  • Global surveillance of emerging infectious disease in wildlife (USAID PREDICT)
  • Intervention study for Prevention of noise induced hearing loss
  • Intervention study of "One Health" approach to prevention of zoonotic diseases in developing country setting.
  • Study of health and occupational illness and injury in veterinary technicians.

Selected Publications

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Contact Info

Peter Macgarr Rabinowitz, MD, MPH
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Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine135 College Street, Ste 392, 3rd Floor
New Haven, CT 06510
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Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine135 College Street
New Haven, CT 06510