Carrie A Redlich MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine (Occupational Medicine); Director, Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical Group

Office of Student Research

DAHRSCancer Center, YaleSkin Diseases Research Center, Yale | Internal Medicine: General Internal Medicine; Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine: Winchester Chest Clinic, Asthma and Airways Disease, Yale Center for, Occupational & Environmental Lung Diseases Program; Occupational & Environmental MedicineCancer Prevention and Control

Research Interests

Occupational lung diseases; Isocyanate exposure and asthma; Biomarker research more...


  • M.P.H., Yale University, 05/1988
  • M.D., Yale University, 1982

Selected Publications

  • Henneberger P, Redlich CA, Toren K, Callahan D, Harver P, Lemiere C, Martin J, Tarlo S, Vandenplas O. American Thoracic Society Statement: Work-exacerbated Asthma. Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society. 2011, in press.
  • Wisnewski AV, Liu J, Redlich CA. Antigenic changes in human albumin caused by reactivity with the occupational allergen, diphenyl methane diisocyanate. Analytical Biochem. 2010; 400: 251-8.
  • Wisnewski AV, Xu L, Robinson E, Liu J, Redlich CA, Herrick CA. Immune sensitization to methylene diphenyl-diisocyanate (MDI) resulting from skin exposure: albumin as a carrier protein connecting skin exposure to subsequent respiratory responses. Journal Occupational Medicine and Toxicology. 2011; 6:6.



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