Ursula C. Brewster MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (Nephrology); Firm Chief, Peters Medical Firm; Associate Program Director, Nephrology Fellowship

Research Interests

Hemodynamics of dialysis patients; Preservation of vascular access and prevention of infection

Research Summary

My research interests have been largely focused in the hemodialysis patient population and have included the preservation of vascular access, prevention of infection and hemodynamic changes in patients during dialysis.

Selected Publications

  • Wu I, Marin EP, Kashgarian M, Brewster UC. A case of an acute kidney injury secondary to an implanted aminoglycoside. Kidney Int 2008.
  • Yusuf B, McPhedron P, Brewster UC. Hypocalcemia in a dialysis patient treated with Deferasirox for iron overload. Am J Kidney Dis 2008 52 (3): 587-590.
  • Brewster UC. Core Curriculum: Dermatologic Manifestations in Chronic Kidney Disease. Am J Kid Disease 2008 51(2):331-44.
  • Brewster UC. Proteinuria in Pregnancy: What does it mean? Contemporary OB/Gyn. 2008 53 (4): 56-75.
  • Perazella MA, Rho M, Brewster UC. Vasopressin insufficiency and intradialytic hypotension. Am J Kid Dis 2008; 52 (6): 1197

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