Administrative Staff Listing

Main Office

(203) 785-4095

Fellowship Coordinator  

Luci Gilkes 

(203) 785-5196

Assistants to the Main Office
Marion Miller
(203) 737-2476

Tarissa Neal 
(203) 737-6204

Faculty Assistants 
Philip Grover
Assistant to Dr. Herbst
(203) 785-6879

Lisa DeChello
Assistant to Dr. Koo
(203) 737-6470

Pamela Driscoll
Assistant to Dr. Kluger, Dr. Sznol, Dr. Hurwitz, Dr. Lucia Jilaveanu, Dr. Levy, Dr. Farber
(203) 737-2572

Laurene Goode-Gade
Assistant to Dr. Pusztai, Dr. Maysa Abu-Khalaf, Dr. Christos Hatzis
(203) 737-2619

Alaine Nellis 
Assistant to Dr. Schulam 
(203) 785-4371

Andrea Perelli 
Assistant to Dr. Vincent DeVita  
(203) 737-1010

Judy Plotkin
Assistant to Dr. Burtness, Dr. Hochster, Dr. Bhatia 
(203) 785-2360

Kadisha Recalde and Anna Rasso
Assistant to Smilow Cancer Hospital Cancer Care faculty
(203) 785-5811

Chelsea Cwirka
Assistant to Dr. Hofstatter, Dr. DiGiovanna, Dr. Mougalian, Dr. Sanft, Dr. Silber 
(203) 785-2876

Donna Snedeker
Assistant to Dr. Lacy, Dr. Stein, Dr. Deshpande, Dr. Kim, Dr. Roberts
(203) 737-1600

Michele Messina
Assistant to Dr. Eder, Dr. Gettinger, Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Altan
(203) 737-6980

Jodi Canapp
Assistant to Dr. Petrylak
(203) 737-8076      

Tina Kelley
Assistant to Dr. Lilenbaum
(203) 200-1344 

Zara Lyon

Assistant to Dr. Adelson, Dr. Chiang

(203) 200-1689

Angela Malerba

Assistant to Dr. LoRusso

(203) 785-3333