Training Conferences & Rounds

Attending Rounds - Attending rounds are made daily by one member of the faculty with the fellows, residents, and medical students.

Infectious Disease Conference - Yale-New Haven Hospital. This is a weekly conference organized by the Infectious Diseases Section fellows and designed to provide in-depth discussion of pathogenic mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases manifested by one or two specially selected patients recently seen by members of the faculty and fellows.

Didactic Clinical Conference - Yale-New Haven Hospital. This is a weekly conference designed to review selected clinical topics in a didactic format. Approximately 4-5 guest speakers are invited per year to give state of the art clinical talks.

Microbiology Lab Rounds - The Yale Infectious Diseases team begins rounds daily in the clinical microbiology laboratory reviewing important case material with the director, Dr. Stephen Edberg and Dr. Frank Bia.

Microbial Pathogenesis Seminar Series - This seminar series is held weekly at Yale, and is jointly sponsored by the Section of Infectious Diseases and the Section of Microbial Pathogenesis. Outside speakers present at approximately 2/3 of the seminars. On the remaining dates, fellows and students from Infectious Diseases and Microbial Pathogenesis present their research.

Clinical Journal Club - This meeting is held monthly to review pertinent current articles in infectious diseases and related disciplines.

AIDS Multi Disciplinary Rounds - This meeting is held weekly and consists of case conferences and didactic sessions involving physicians, nurses, social workers, and other members of the AIDS Care Program.

Hospital Epidemiology/Infection Control Rounds - These rounds are held weekly and are conducted by the Hospital Epidemiologist to review current problems in the Hospital. They are attended by the entire hospital epidemiology staff.

AIDS Provider Network Meeting - A monthly multidisciplinary format for presentation and discussion of new and ongoing clinical and epidemiologic topics, often by invited outside speakers. Epidemiology and Public Health - Formal courses in this discipline are available to Infectious Disease fellows who may obtain a Masters Degree in Public Health with a concentration in Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control.

Other Conferences - There are a wide variety of clinical and basic research conferences in other divisions and departments at the Medical School which may be attended by fellows in all years of fellowship.