The NIDDK IBDGC currently collects whole blood for DNA and serum isolation. These biospecimens are stored at the NIDDK central repositories.

  • DNA, the Genetics Repository: the Rutgers University Cell and DNA Repository
  • Serum, the Biosample Repository: Fisher Bioservices, Inc.
  • Datasets, the Data Repository: RTI International

Access to DNA and serum samples and de-identified data are available to the scientific community; and can be acquired following procedures established by the NIDDK for its central genetics and data repositories.

Genotype Data

A subset of samples acquired by the Consortium have been used in genome wide association studies (GWAS). These data are available to the scientific community through dbGAP.

Phenotype Tools

The Consortium Phenotype Committee, led by Dr. Hillary Steinhart designed and validated paper forms to collect extensive phenotype data on Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis. Consortium phenotype tools are available for use by non-Consortium members.