Administrative Staff Listing

Fellowship Coordinator
Savannah Woods
(203) 785-5196

Richard Carr
Program Manager and Assistant to Dr. Dhodapkar
(203) 785-4144

Faculty Assistants
Rosa Osso
Assistant to Dr. Strout, Dr. Halene, Dr. Pillai
(203) 785-7002

Donna Snedeker
Assistant to Dr. Roberts
(203) 737-1600

Laurene Goode-Gade
Assistant to Dr. Shlomchik
(203) 737-2619

Barbara Lumpkin
Assistant to Dr. Lee, Dr. Podoltsev, Dr. Parker, Dr. Huntington, Hematology Fellowship Program
(203) 737-7059

Kadisha Recalde
Assistant to Smilow Cancer Hospital Care faculty
(203) 785-5811

Dotty Saccavino
Assistant to Dr. Foss, Dr. Isufi, Dr. Seropian
(203) 785-4144

Dorothy Contrastano
Assistant to Dr. Gore, Dr. Zeidan
(203) 737-7103