Global Health Programs Committee

Office of Global Health’s Global Health Programs Committee meets on a regular basis to provide guidance about the current and prospective sites and policies for the medical students, residents and faculty abroad. They oversee the Yale/Stanford J&J Global Health Scholars Program and related policy development with input from Stanford. Members coordinate and present at the annual Pre-Departure Orientation Day for departing Global Health Scholars. In May 2011, the GHP Committee coordinated the first Global Health Grand Rounds and Symposium.  It was so well received that it is now being held on an annual basis.  Members represent various sites with whom the Office has partnerships, residency programs for Internal Medicine and Primary Care and other opportunities for GH involvement.

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Dana Dunne, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases)

Director, Internal Medicine Clerkship

Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Traditional Residency Program

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Fredric Finkelstein, MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine

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Gerald Friedland, MD

Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases)

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Doruk Ozgediz, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery (Pediatrics) and of Pediatrics

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Deborah Proctor, MD

Professor of Medicine (Digestive Diseases)

Medical Director, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program

Site Director, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Columbia and Yale/Stanford, Johnson and Johnson Global Health Scholar Program

Board of Directors and Treasurer, Honduras Children's Project

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Tracy Rabin, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Assistant Director, Office of Global Health (Department of Internal Medicine)

Associate Program Director for Global and Community Health, Yale Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Program

Affiliated Faculty, Yale Global Health Leadership Institute

Affiliated Faculty, Yale Center for Asylum Medicine

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Asghar Rastegar, MD

Professor of Medicine

Director, Office of Global Health

Chief, Fitkin Firm, YNHH

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Jeremy Schwartz, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Firm Chief, Yale Primary Care Residency Program

Faculty, Global Health Leadership Institute

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Sheela Shenoi, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Medicine (AIDS)

Assistant Professor

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Stephen Huot, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine (Nephrology)

Vice Chair, Education and Academic Affairs

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Robert Rohrbaugh, MD

Professor of Psychiatry

Deputy Chair for Education and Career Development, Department of Psychiatry

Residency Program Director, Department of Psychiatry

Director, Office of International Medical Student Education, Yale School of Medicine

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Merceditas Villanueva, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (AIDS)