Yale Research

The Yale Geriatrics Faculty performs on-site research through the Center on Disability and Disabling Disorders, The Yale Pepper Center. The Biology of Aging Research Seminar Program provides a forum for multidisciplinary research on aging from various Yale School of Medicine researchers.


The LIFE Study»

LIFE is a research study designed to explore ways to help older adults improve their quality of life and remain independent.

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Center for Disability and Disabling Disorders»

The objective of the Yale Center for Disability and Disabling Disorders is to address fundamental issues related to the epidemiology and prevention of disability, a problem of immense importance to older persons, their families and society. Under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Gill (Director) and Dr. Nathalie de Rekeneire (Deputy Director), the Center conducts longitudinal studies and clinical trials to enhance the scientific knowledge base of the disablement process and to rigorously evaluate promising intervention strategies.


The Yale Pepper Center»

The Yale Older Americans Independence Center (OAIC) is an inter-departmental, multidisciplinary center whose objectives are to promote the functional independence of older Americans by increasing scientific knowledge related to multi-factorial geriatric health conditions, by advancing the science of clinical decision making in multi-morbid older adults, and by educating and training new investigators in research on aging from a multi-factorial perspective.


Biology of Aging Research Seminar Program»

This series includes fellows, trainees, and junior and senior faculty from multiple disciplines and departments engaged in basic science research, including animal studies, with a focus on aging. Please contact Dr. Al Shaw or Eliza Kiwak to be included on the mailing list. This series offers a forum for: 

Seminars are held monthly and attendance is about 15 people per seminar.