Pilot & Exploratory Studies Core

The overall goal of the Pilot/Exploratory Studies Core (PESC) is to facilitate the development of innovative and methodologically rigorous research studies designed to enhance our understanding of the etiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of multi-factorial geriatric health conditions (the stated focus of the Yale OAIC 1) leading ultimately to the development of efficacious and cost-effective interventions to increase or maintain independence for older Americans. 

The specific goals of the core are: 

  • to solicit and select the most meritorious research proposals for PESC funding; 
  • to provide investigators of PESC studies with access to resources from the other OAIC Cores; 
  • to identify potential opportunities for co-sponsorship of PESC studies; 
  • to identify potential opportunities for collaboration among PESC investigators; 
  • to monitor the progress of the PESC studies; 
  • to provide assistance so that the PESC studies can be successfully developed into independently funded grant applications; 
  • to ensure the safety and protection of human subjects enrolled in PESC studies; and 
  • to ensure that PESC studies enroll a substantial proportion of underrepresented minorities.