Operations Core

The Yale OAIC is focused on the investigation of multifactorial geriatric health conditions, with the ultimate goal of developing, testing, and disseminating new strategies to preserve or restore the independence of older persons. 

The overall goal of the Yale OAIC Operations Core (OC) is to provide operational methods, staff, resources, and expertise necessary to ensure the efficient and successful completion of the full range of research projects (e.g., observational, interventional, basic/translational) focused on multifactorial geriatric health conditions. As a result, the OC enhances the scientific productivity of OAIC research and facilitates its overall objectives. 

  • Provide personnel for recruitment and retention of diverse research participants, and comprehensive data management systems, to support OAIC External Projects. Related Sub-Aims include: 
    • Provide consulting support for operational aspects of proposal preparation; 
    • Provide training of investigators and study staff regarding operational tasks; 
    • Develop, test, and implement new OC methods. 
  • Collaborate with the REC, PESC, and Biostatistics Cores to facilitate coordinated strategies to develop, implement, and monitor the conduct of Yale OAIC-related studies.

Data Management & Informatics

The Data Management and Informatics Component (DMIC) of the Operations Core of the Yale Program on Aging and Pepper Center provides data services in support of research field operations and data analysis. The DMIC formally organized in 1992 for the first cycle of the Yale Pepper Center, but many of us have been colleagues since the early 1980’s. 

Our thirteen staff members have well over 200 years of collective experience in research data management. We have developed data systems for large observational studies, intervention trials, secondary analysis studies, and, increasingly, basic research and translational studies. Within Yale, we have formal collaborations with the Yale CTSI, the West Haven Veterans Administration, the Yale Center for Medical Informatics, and the Yale Center for Genomics and Proteomics. We have also collaborated with Pepper Centers and other research centers at UCLA, Duke, Wake Forest, Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

Field Operations

The specific goals of the Field Component of the Operations Core are: 

  • to provide centralized recruitment enrollment, assessment and surveillance services to Yale OAIC studies, including a system to carefully monitoring recruitment and retention of minority elders in OAIC projects; 
  • to provide assistance to junior faculty, with special attention to translational researchers, in the development of research protocols involving older adult human subjects and their implementation in the field; 
  • to collaborate with the Data Management and Informatics Component of the Operations Core to ensure uniformity of methods and measurement when appropriate among OAIC studies and to protect the confidentiality of data; 
  • to collaborate with the Biostatistics Core by identifying and addressing real world challenges that effect study design and sample estimation; 
  • to train Field staff in uniform and reliable methods; 
  • to create and advance, through development projects, innovative strategies to overcoming obstacles encountered in studies of multi-factorial geriatric health conditions; 
  • to provide assistance to externally funded investigators who wish to increase the participation of older adult participants in their research studies; 
  • to monitor adherence to guidelines and regulations governing involvement of human subjects in OAIC projects 

The allocation of resources to this Component produces economies of scale and reduces duplication of effort among Yale Pepper Center studies. Access to a pool of well trained Clinical Nurse Researchers and Research Associates and Assistants facilitates efficient startup of studies, quality data collection, and protection of human subjects and their privacy.

Data Management Contact Info

Peter A. Chapentier, M.P.H.

Field Operations Contact


  • (203) 737-1800