Data Management and Informatics

The Data Management and Informatics Component (DMIC) of the Operations Core of the Yale Program on Aging and Pepper Center provides data services in support of research field operations and data analysis. The DMIC formally organized in 1992 for the first cycle of the Yale Pepper Center, but many of us have been colleagues since the early 1980’s. Our thirteen staff members have well over 200 years of collective experience in research data management. We have developed data systems for large observational studies, intervention trials, secondary analysis studies, and, increasingly, basic research and translational studies. Within Yale, we have formal collaborations with the Yale CTSI, the West Haven Veterans Administration, the Yale Center for Medical Informatics, and the Yale Center for Genomics and Proteomics. We have also collaborated with Pepper Centers and other research centers at UCLA, Duke, Wake Forest, Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

Contact Information
Peter A. Charpentier, M.P.H.

Katy L. B. Araujo, MPH 
Stephanie Argraves, MPH 
David Bruce, MS 
Wanda Carr 
Peter Charpentier, MPH 
Evelyne Gahbauer, MD, MPH 
Geraldine Hawthorne, BS 
Linda Leo-Summers, MPH; 
Gail Janet McAvay, PhD, MPH 
Bridget M. Mignosa 
John O’Leary, MS 
Virginia Towle MPhil, MPH 
Sui Tsang, BS 

Products and Hosted Applications

The DMIC makes available to interested researchers a number of systems and applications. These include DMIC-developed applications as well as open-source and licensed but freely-available systems

Pepper Informatics (Pi) 
Pi is a PC-based program for computerized data collection, high-volume data entry and for basic data management. Please contact us if you are interested in Pepper Informatics. 

The Geriatrics Research Instrument Library (GRIL) 
GRIL, an Internet resource developed by the Yale Center for Medical Informatics and DMIC, is a database of data collection instruments of interest to researchers in Geriatrics. We provide as much of the metadata allowed under copyright restrictions, including in many cases useable data collection forms in PDF format. At the minimum, basic descriptors, bibliographies and links to external websites are provided for each instrument. Where allowed under copyright, we provide detailed metadata such as scripts for questions and response levels. In many cases we provide useable data collection forms in PDF format. GRIL is located at

Gerontological Research Algorithms & Statistical Programs (GRASP) 
GRASP is a joint venture of the Yale Program on Aging Biostatistical Core and DMIC. GRASP is a repository of biostatical content of interest to biostatisticians, epidemiologists and clinical researchers. GRASP consists of a content manager we call the “GRASP Explorer,” a wiki and a discussion forum. Users can locate, inspect and download articles, programs and sample datasets that address specific challenges in the analysis of Gerontological data. Registered users may submit content and contribute to the wiki and discussion forum. GRASP is located at

The Program on Aging Intranet

The POA Intranet is hosted by DMIC and includes content relevant to the operation of the Cores and to Program on Aging-supported research activities. This can include detailed information about projects, study protocols, SOPs, MOPs, shared code libraries, citation and reference databases, technical computing issues, and other aspects of OAIC research useful to faculty and staff. The Intranet is built on the MediaWiki platform, the open-source engine behind WikiPedia and other large-scale collaborative websites. Access to the Intranet is restricted to Program on Aging investigators and staff.

The Intranet URL is

REDCap ( is a CTSA-sponsored, web-based data management system developed at Vanderbilt University by Paul A. Harris and colleagues. At Yale, REDCap is hosted by DMIC and is available for a small fee to all investigators. For more information, please visit our webpage at  The Yale REDCap URL is If you are interested in using or evaluating REDCap, please contact Sui Tsang (

Monthly Meetings

DMIC hosts monthly discussions that are generally held on the first Thursdays of each month. Our topics are generally focused on important elements of the Yale data management “ecosystem,” such as OnCore, Qualtrix, REDCap, and EPIC, as well as topics in data management programming. If you would like to attend any of our meetings, please contact Katy Araujo (

Pi, GRIL and GRASP are development projects funded by the Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center at Yale, NIA award P30-AG-21342.