Operations Core

Core LeaderVincent J. Quagliarello, MD
Co-Leader for Field OperationsJoanne M. McGloin, MDiv, MS, MBA
Co-Leader for Data Management and Informatics CorePeter A. Charpentier, MPH

Description and Goal

The Yale OAIC is focused on the investigation of multifactorial geriatric health conditions, with the ultimate goal of developing, testing, and disseminating new strategies to preserve or restore the independence of older persons.

The overall goal of the Yale OAIC Operations Core (OC) is to provide operational methods, staff, resources, and expertise necessary to ensure the efficient and successful completion of the full range of research projects (e.g., observational, interventional, basic/translational) focused on multifactorial geriatric health conditions. As a result, the OC enhances the scientific productivity of OAIC research and facilitates its overall objectives.

  • Provide personnel for recruitment and retention of diverse research participants, and comprehensive data management systems, to support OAIC External Projects. Related Sub-Aims include: 
  • Provide consulting support for operational aspects of proposal preparation;
  • Provide training of investigators and study staff regarding operational tasks; 
  • Develop, test, and implement new OC methods. 
  • Collaborate with the RCDC, PESC, and Biostatistics Cores to facilitate coordinated strategies to develop, implement, and monitor the conduct of Yale OAIC-related studies.

Operations Core Components

The OC is comprised of two components, the Field Operations Component, led by Joanne McGloin, and the Data Management and Informatics Component which is directed by Peter Charpentier.