Patient Care

Yale Geriatics Patient Care is run through a number of programs and centers at both Yale New Haven Hospital and the VA Connecticut Medical Center in West Haven. In addition to these, the Yale Geriatrics Faculty have developed a number of interventions that have resulted in a major improvement in the care of older persons.


Clinical Programs»

Clinical initiatives at Yale include the Dorothy Adler Geriatric Assessment Center, a special Acute Care for the Elderly Unit at Yale-New Haven Hospital, a innovative co-treatment program in General Surgery at the West Haven VA Hospital, and a number of consultative programs at the VA Hospital.  The NEMG-YNH Geriatric Services cares for individuals in life care centers, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities.


Interventions to Improve Patient Care»

Yale Geriatrics faculty members have developed a number of interventions which have had a major impact on the care of older persons, including fall prevention, Confusion Assessment Method, functional decline and disability in older adults (Yale Center for Disability), medical decisions made by older persons, and driving problems in older persons.