Oyebode A Taiwo MBBS, MPH

Associate Professor (Adjunct) of Medicine (Occupational Medicine); Director, Occupational and Environmental Medicine Fellowship Training

Current Projects

Dr. Taiwo is working to confirm and understand the higher rates of injury found in female industrial workers and determine interventions to promote the health and safety of female employees in the industrial workforce.

Research Summary

Dr. Taiwo’s current research interests include factors associated with injuries and musculoskeletal disorders among industrial workers, health effects of metals and related compounds, and health impact assessment of projects and policies on human population.

Selected Publications

  • Taiwo OA, Cantley LF, Slade, M, Pollack KM, Vegso S, Fiellin MG, Cullen MR. Gender Differences in injury pattern among workers in heavy manufacturing. American Journal of Epidemiology, 2009; 169 (2) 161-6
  • Taiwo OA, Slade MD, Cantley LF, Fiellin MG, Wesdock J, Bayer, FJ, Cullen MR. Beryllium Sensitization among Aluminum Smelter Workers. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 2008; 50 (2)157-67
  • Pollack K, Agnew J, Slade MD, Cantley L, Taiwo OA, Vegso S, Sircar K, Cullen MR, "Use of Employer Administrative Databases to Identify Systematic Causes of Injury in Aluminum Manufacturing". American Journal of Industrial Medicine, September 2007; 50, 676-86
  • Vegso S, Cantley L, Slade, M, Taiwo O, Sircar K, Rabinowitz P, Fiellin M, Russi, MB, Cullen MR. Extended work hours and risk of acute occupational injury: A case-cross-over study of workers in manufacturing”. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, August 2007; 50, 597-603
  • Pollack K, Sorock GS, Slade MD, Cantley L, Sircar C, Taiwo OA, Cullen MR, "Association of Body Mass Index and Acute Traumatic Workplace Injury in Hourly Manufacturing Employees". American Journal of Epidemiology, July 15, 2007; 166:204-211
  • Taiwo OA, Sircar KD, Slade MD, Cantley LF, Vegso SJ, Rabinowitz PM, Fiellin MG, Cullen MR. Incidence of Asthma among Aluminum Workers. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 2006; 48 (3) 275-82

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