Michael L Green MD, MSc

Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Research Interests

Graduate medical education; Curriculum development and evaluation; Evidence-based practice; Life-long learning; Evaluation of clinical competence

Research Summary

Dr. Green’s research interests include medical education curriculum development, evaluation of clinical competence, evidence-based practice, and lifelong self-directed learning in medicine. In particular, he has investigated strategies to integrate evidence based medicine into internal medicine training through trials of educational interventions; national surveys of residency programs; systematic reviews of curricula and evaluation instruments; a prospective study of the epidemiology of residents’ medical information needs; and a qualitative analysis of barriers to answering clinical questions.

As a Kimball Scholar at the American Board of Internal Medicine, Dr Green has combined evidence-based practice “technology” and insights from physician learning studies in an internet-based “Point of Care Clinical Question” module. Physicians document the characteristics, context, pursuit, and application of their clinical questions in a fashion that facilitates reflection and evidence-based decision-making. This module will become a practice-based alternative to the current multiple choice Self Evaluation Modules in the Maintenance of Certification process. In addition, Dr. Green is collaborating with ABIM scientists on related research on the psychometric properties of the module, the characteristics of physicians’ information needs and information seeking behavior, and the association of self-directed learning behaviors with several self-directed learning “readiness” evaluation instruments.

Working with and ACGME / ABIM task force, Dr. Green is explicating the ACGME competencies through developmental behavioral "milestones," for standardized resident evaluation and program accreditation.

Selected Publications

  • Green ML, Aagaard EM, Caverzagie KJ, et al. Charting the Road to Competence: Developmental Milestones for Internal Medicine Residency Training. Journal of Graduate Medical Education. 2009;1(1):5-20.
  • Green ML, Reddy SG, Holmboe E. Teaching and evaluating point of care learning with an Internet-based clinical-question portfolio. J Contin Educ Health Prof. 2009;29(4):209-219.
  • Shaneyfelt T, Baum KD, Bell D, Feldstein D, Houston TK, Kaatz S, Whelan C, Green ML. Instruments for Evaluating Education in Evidence-Based Practice: A Systematic Review. JAMA. 2006;296(9):1116-1127.
  • Green ML, Ruff TR. Why Do Residents Fail to Answer Their Clinical Questions? A Qualitative Study of Barriers to Practicing Evidence-Based Medicine. Acad Med. 2005;80(2):176-182.
  • Green ML. Identifying, appraising, and implementing medical education curricula: a guide for medical educators. Ann Intern Med. 2001135:889-896.
  • Green ML, Ciampi M, Ellis PJ. Residents’ medical information needs in clinic: are they being met? Am J Med. 2000109:218-2000.

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