John Schley Hughes MD

Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Research Interests

Risk stratification/risk adjustment methods for health care data analysis

Research Summary

Design and implementation of risk stratification/risk adjustment methods for use in analyzing computerized health care data sets.

Selected Publications

  • Averill RF, Vertrees JC, McCullough EC, Hughes JS, Goldfield NI. Redesigning the Medicare Inpatient PPS to Adjust Payment for Post-Admission Complications. Health Care Financing Review 2006 27 (3): 83-93.
  • Hughes JS, Averill RF, Goldfield NI, Muldoon J, Gay JC, McCullough EC, Xiang J. Identifying Potentially Preventable Complications Using a Present on Admission Indicator. Health Care Financing Review 2006 27 (3): 63-82.
  • Hughes JS, Averill RF, Eisenhandler J, Goldfield NI, Muldoon J, John M. Neff JN, Gay JC. Clinical Risk Groups (CRGs): A Classification System for Risk-Adjusted Capitation-Based Payment and Health Care Management. Medical Care 2004 42 (1): 81-90.
  • Hughes JS. Can the VA Health Care System Continue to Care for the Poor and Vulnerable? Journal of Ambulatory Care Management 2003 26 (4): 344-48.
  • Inouye SK, Peduzzi JT, Robison JT, Hughes JS, Horwitz RI, Concato J. Importance of functional measures in predicting mortality among older hospitalized patients. JAMA 1998 279 (15):1187-93.

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