Bridget Ann Martell MD

Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine (General Medicine); Asst Clinical Prof of Medicine

Departments & Organizations

Internal Medicine: General Internal Medicine


  • B.S., Cornell University, 1988
  • M.A., Boston University, 1993
  • M.D., Chicago Medical School, 1997

Selected Publications

  • Martell BA, O’Connor PG, Kerns RD, Becker WC, Morales KH, Kosten TR, and Fiellin DA. Opioid treatment for chronic back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of their prevalence, efficacy and association with addiction. Ann Intern Med. 2007 146:116-127.
  • Poling, J. Oliveto, A., Petry, N., Sofuoglu, M., Gonsai, K., Gonzalez, G., Martell, B ., & Kosten, T.R. Six-month trial of Bupropion with Contingency Management for Cocaine Dependence in a Methadone-Maintained Population. Archives of General Psychiatry. 2005. (in press).
  • Martell BA, Mitchell E, Poling J, Gonsai K, and Kosten TR. Vaccine Pharmacotherapy for the Treatment of Cocaine Dependence. Biol Psych. 200558:158-164.


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