Fellowship and Postgraduate Training

There are a number of postdoctoral fellowship training opportunities for General Internists in the Section of General Internal Medicine and the Department of Medicine at Yale. The focus of these programs is primarily to provide trainees with a background and experience in the in the disciplines of clinical epidemiology and health services research. The goals of these fellowship programs are to provide interested physicians with a strong clinical base of research skills in clinical epidemiology, and an intensive research experience under the mentorship of an experienced faculty clinical investigator.

The Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program has been the primary site for fellowship for general internists at Yale since 1974. Several faculty from the Section of General Internal Medicine provide leadership, teaching and mentorship to the Clinical Scholars Program and general internist fellows participate actively in the educational and clinical program of the Section. General Medicine fellowship at our VA site. The goals and emphasis of this program similar to those of the Clinical Scholars Program. Fellowship training is also available through our Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program and emphasizes the acquisition of both new research skills and new clinical skills. The Investigative Medicine Program allows postdoctoral fellows to develop a broad knowledge base, analytical skill, creative thinking and the hands on experience demanded of clinical researchers and individuals completing the program will be awarded a Ph.D. General internists individuals interested in careers in Geriatrics can receive outstanding research and postdoctoral fellows to clinical training through the Yale Section of Geriatrics. Finally training programs and degree opportunities can be found at the Yale School of Epidemiology and Public Health.

Details about each of these programs can be found at the following web sites: