Rory John McCrimmon MD, MBChB

Assistant Professor (Adjunct) of Medicine (Endocrinology)

Research Interests

Glucose homeostasis regulation by hypothalamic nuclei; central regulation on peripheral metabolism, energy, and body weight

Current Projects

On going projects use in vivo methods such microinjection, microdialysis, and gene therapy approaches to target specific hypothalamic nuclei in animal models (rat and transgenic mice) as well as neuroimaging and in vivo metabolic studies in non-diabetic and diabetic human subjects.

Research Summary

The primary research interest in my laboratory is to explore the underlying mechanisms by which the brain, and in particular specific hypothalamic nuclei, regulate glucose homeostasis. In particular our work as focused on studying the interactions between glucose sensing by the brain under conditions of a low glucose and the neuroendocrine stress response. A developing, research interest in my lab is in the central (primarily hypothalamic) regulation of peripheral metabolism, energy balance and body weight.

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