Requirements per block


Please be sure these are turned in to Kathy Bertier, Clerkship Coordinator.

  1. Patient Write-ups. One per block. This should be submitted in one of the following formats depending upon your attending’s preference. PLEASE REMOVE ALL PATIENT IDENTIFIERS (name, dob, medical record number). Document will be returned to you if any identifying information is contained. Can be reviewed by attending in track changes as Word document or attending can mark up printed copy. Turn in either version for portfolio.
  2. Patient Log. List of patients you admitted with main diagnoses - NO IDENTIFIERS!
    R.T. 08/09/2010 Congestive heart failure
    L.C. 08/13/2010 Pyelonephritis
    E.B. 08/17/2010 Syncope
  3. Presentations. Two to four per block. Submit electronically to Kathy one presentation that you prepared during the block. Most likely source will be short attending round presentations based on clinical question. The presentation may consist of a one page summary, a two-three slide powerpoint presentation, a good article that you handed out, etc.

Midway Feedback Form

See the Midway Feedback Form available here to be given to attending and resident midway in block to encourage written and verbal feedback.


Your attending will utilize one of his/her observations of your history and physical exam skills to perform a structured evaluation (Mini-CEX) around an aspect of your patient’s presenting complaint and associated physical exam. This is a recent addition to enhance structured evaluation and feedback of your clinical skills so if it is not up and running in the E*value system by the time you rotate on medicine you will give your attending a paper Mini-CEX form.

Requirements by end of 12 week MAP clerkship

Exam Soft

To be done in postcede. You will receive an email notice from our office regarding exam accessioning.  Use your secret student code,, at the end as your login and password. (For example, if your code is 7777, you would enter If you don’t know your code contact Terri Tolson or Judy Spak.


Attendance at the Communicating Difficult News Workshops.


For inpatient medicine clerkship, using your Core curriculum checklist, complete any SIMPLE cases to address topics NOT covered in case conference or simulation.  Remember to log in at: Simulated Internal Medicine Patient Learning Experience (SIMPLE) using your Yale email address to get access (same procedure as CLIPP cases for Pediatrics rotation).