Essentials for Preceptors

Basic Requirements for Preceptors

This section will detail a few basic requirements a preceptor must meet to create an ideal clerkship for a student, including suggestions for how to complete those requirements.

Strategy for Offices and Clinics

Successful implementation of the proposed strategies is not easy. It requires careful planning, practice, flexibility, and perseverance. Most of all, it requires dedication to the task of training students to be good doctors.

Preceptor's Handbook

The handbook is written for physicians who teach office-based internal medicine to third-year medical students. It has two purposes: to assure that preceptors know about the clerkship and the educational objectives for students, and to suggest teaching strategies preceptors can use to help students achieve those objectives.

Guidelines for Part-Time Faculty Appointments

Part-Time Faculty Appointments are offered to all physicians who teach students in the Ambulatory Clerkship. It was strongly recommended by the LCME that all preceptors who teach in the program maintain a faculty appointment to the University. In order to be considered for an appointment please fill out the TAF form (above) and e-mail us your Curriculum Vitae in the Yale Format.