Case Conferences

Prepare for each case conference in advance by reading the case(s) and any background reading that you feel is necessary to help you create a differential diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. For each case, the authors list “highly recommended” literature, copies of which may be given to you at the beginning of the clerkship. It is expected that you will read the highly recommended literature.

Each conference will be led by a faculty member who is familiar with the subject area, but not necessarily expert. The format is a group discussion.

Case #TopicSession Coordinator
1AsthmaGeoffrey Chupp, Lauren Cohnempty
2Infectious DiseasesMatthew Grant
3Abdominal PainHamita Sachar
4DiabetesWalter Kernan, Silvio Inzucchiempty
5HypertensionJohn Setaroempty
6Low Back PainWalter Kernan, Leo Cooneyempty
7PRECEDEWalter N. Kernan, Kirsten Wilkinsempty

Reading Material

Asthma Case Conference

Abdominal Pain Case Conference

Infectious Diseases Case Conference

Low Back Pain Case Conference

Hypertension Case Conference

Diabetes Case Conference