Postgraduate Training Program in Digestive Diseases

The Postgraduate Training Program in Digestive Diseases at Yale University School of Medicine is designed to prepare individuals for academic careers in digestive diseases. A scholarly environment ensures a broad educational experience for trainees interested in clinical practice, clinical research, or basic science research. All physicians enter after completing a residency in Internal Medicine. Postdoctoral fellows who have completed their doctoral studies or graduate students are also major participants in our research training program. Five or six new trainees enter the program each July.

We participate in the National Resident Matching Program/Specialty Matching Services (NRMP/SMS), also known as the Match. Applications to our fellowship program are through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). The deadline for receipt of all application materials is in October.  We will be offering interviews from August to October. The Fellowship Program Director is Dr. Avlin Imaeda, and the Associate Directors are Dr. Scott Swenson and Dr. Tamar Taddei. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Karen Lawhorn at the following address:

Karen Lawhorn
Program Coordinator

Yale University School of Medicine
Section of Digestive Diseases
P.O. Box 208019
New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8019

Phone: 203-785-7012
Fax: 203-737-1755

This comprehensive program in Digestive Diseases consists of a three year period of training of which at least 18 months are dedicated to acquiring clinical skills in gastroenterology and hepatology. The training program is organized into a Basic Clinical Training Period (18 months) followed by either an Advanced Training Period or a Research Training Period.