Research Activities

Research is one of the cornerstones of our Section. Our Section currently has over $8 million per year in research funding from NIDDK, more than any other Digestive Diseases Section in the country. Our faculty are engaged in a wide range of both basic laboratory research activities and patient-oriented clinical research. Details of an investigators work can be found through links on our faculty menu. Major areas of laboratory research include regulation of bile secretion by the liver, including liver cell biology (Drs. James L. Boyer and Michael H. Nathanson ), basis for portal hypertension, variceal bleeding and other complications of cirrhosis (Drs. Roberto Groszmann , Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao , and Yasuko Iwakiri ), mechanisms responsible for pancreatic inflammation and pancreatitis (Dr. Fred S. Gorelick ), genetics and immunobiology of inflammatory bowel disease (Drs. Judy Cho and Clara Abraham ), liver growth, cancer, and stem cells (Drs. Mario Strazzabosco , Chuhan Chung , and Scott Swenson ), bile ductular secretion, focusing on basic mechanisms (Drs. Michael Nathanson and Mario Strazzabosco ), and the role of nucleotides and nucleotide receptors (Dr. Jonathan Dranoff ), immunology of the healthy and diseased liver (Dr. Wajahat Mehal ), metabolic liver diseases (Dr. Tamar Taddei ) and colon physiology and mechanisms of diarrhea (Drs. Henry J. Binder ).

Major areas of clinical research include complications and treatment of cirrhosis (Drs. Roberto Groszmann , Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao ), viral hepatitis (Dr. Joe Lim ), liver cancer (Dr. Mario Strazzabosco ), IBD (Drs. Judy Cho and Deborah Proctor ), motility disorders of the esophagus, optimal application of advanced endoscopic techniques to clinical problems including gastrointestinal bleeding, graft-versus-host disease and pancreatic biliary disorders (Drs. Harry Aslanian and Uzma Siddiqui ), advanced endoscopic techniques; pancreatitis; sphincter of oddi dysfunction as well as other clinical aspects of biliary and pancreatic disease (Dr. Priya Jamidar ), endoscopic outcomes research (Dr. Anil Nagar ), diverticulitis (Dr. Martin Floch ), and newer endoscopic modalities (Dr. Caroline Loeser). Related programs include the Yale Liver Center, an NIH-funded facility that supports both basic and clinical research in liver diseases, the Yale IBD Program, which is home to the NIH/NIDDK IBD Genetics Consortium, and the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation, an NIH-funded facility that supports investigations and novel treatment protocols in patients.