Avlin Barlow Imaeda MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Digestive Diseases); Fellowship Program Director

Research Interests

Obscure GI bleeding; Endoscopy simulation in training; Quality improvement in fellowship training

Current Projects

1) Localization of angioectasias within the small bowel using capsule endoscopy.

2) Outcomes of treating small bowel angioectasias with double balloon enteroscopy, push enteroscopy vs long-acting octreotide.

3) Use of a part-task endoscopic simulator in training of Gastroenterology Fellows

Research Summary

The majority of my time is spent in clinical activities, teaching and running the fellowship program. Thus, my research interests are focused mainly on quality improvement projects with the fellows in the section and clinical projects with residents interested in applying for GI fellowship. Past projects have included examining patient preferences for colon cancer screening modality in collaboration with Liana Fraenkel MD, Department of Medicine, Rheumatology, examining the location of angioectasias within the small bowel using capsule endoscopy, and looking at outcomes for different modes of endoscopic treatment of angioectasias in patients with significant GI bleeding. Past quality improvement projects have included identifying a mechanism to effectively notify patients of their lab and imaging results within 2 weeks at our VA GI clinic and testing a mechanism to calculate fellow adenoma detection rates. Currently we are planning a project to improve inpatient colonoscopy preps which should allow us to provide higher quality care in a more timely fashion. Additionally, I am collaborating with a Yale Internal Medicine Resident Pichamol Jirapinyo and Christopher Thompson MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard, on a project looking at the use of a part-task endoscopy simulator in endoscopy training. The simulator was developed by Drs Jirapinyo and Thompson and we are participating in a randomized control trial of its use in first year fellows.

Selected Publications

  • Imaeda, A., Bender, D., Fraenkel, L (2010) What is most important to patients when deciding about colorectal screening. J Gen Int Med 25:688-693.
  • Mehal W, Imaeda A. (2010) Cell Death and Fibrogenesis. Semin Liver Dis 30(3):226- 31.
  • Imaeda, A., Watanabe, A., Mahmood, S., Sohail, M., Sutterwala, F., Flavell, R., Mehal, W. (2008) Acetaminophen induced hepatoxicity is dependent on TLR9 and the NALP3 inflammasome. J. Clin Invest. 119:305-314
  • Longacre, A., Imaeda, A., Garcia-Tsao, G., Fraenkel, L. (2008) A pilot project examining the predicted preferences of patients and physicians in the primary prophylaxis of variceal hemorrhage. Hepatology 47:169-176
  • Rodes, J., Benhamou, J-P., Blei, A., Reichen, J., Rizzetto, M. ed Textbook of Hepatology. Blackwell Publishing (2007). “Chap 2.7.3 Antibody Production and Transport in the Liver.” Imaeda, A, Mehal, W. pp325-332.

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