Patient Care

The key to effective management of your disease is coordinated care among specially trained, internationally known physicians with expertise in inflammatory bowel disease. The Yale Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program will offer you expertise in adult and pediatric gastroenterology, surgery, pathology, and radiology. Weekly meetings are held to discuss medical and surgical issues about our patients.

There are two types of inflammatory bowel disease – ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Accurately diagnosing IBD is a multi-step process involving endoscopy, radiology, pathology, and surgery.

Treatment for ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease usually begins with medical therapy. While surgery can be a primary therapy for certain symptoms of IBD, it is usually reserved as a adjunct for medical therapy. At Yale, the goal of GI surgery is to restore function, using bowel-conserving surgery, including minimally invasive surgery where appropriate.

Pediatric specialists provide the same care and services that adults receive, but in a pediatric setting with pediatric gastrointestinal specialists. As your child becomes older, Yale IBD Program is uniquely positioned to transition your child to the adult program for continued lifelong care.

Among special services offered by this program are the following:

  • Coordinated medical and surgical visits
  • Weekly multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Participation in clinical studies
  • The WOCN certified ostomy and wound care nurse works with patients and their families pre- and post- operatively teaching ostomy care and providing support.
  • Support Groups
  • Patient education

The physicians and health care providers participating in the Yale IBD Program accept all forms of insurance and payment. Please call 203-785-4138 for an appointment.