Ambulatory Experience

The goals of the ambulatory experience are to provide exposure to out-patient cardiology practice, including both consultative and continuity experiences, to provide a means for clinical follow-up of patients recently discharged from the hospital. The out-patient experience is comprised of the VACT Cardiology Clinic, the YNHH Yale Physicians Building, the Saint Raphael campus outpatient clinic, and the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center.

These longitudinal clinics provide the fellow the opportunity to follow and manage patients in continuity for three years in an out-patient setting. Fellows participate in dedicated continuity clinics and alternate clinic weeks between sites one-half day every week during their core clinical training. Fellows see on average one new patient and 6-8 return patients on their clinic day, and are directly responsible for care of the patients to which they have been assigned. Fellows then see these patients in follow-up throughout their core years. On each day, attendings are available solely to supervise the fellows in this capacity. 

The patient populations in these clinics provide a diverse experience in terms of gender, socioeconomic status and reason for referral. Routine management of common cardiology problems, pre-operative evaluations prior to noncardiac surgery, evaluations for potential revascularization procedures (surgical and interventional), post-revascularization follow-up, follow-up of recently discharged patients, and referrals for complex cardiology problems are similar in all venues.