Philip William Askenase MD

Professor of Medicine (Immunology)

Biographical Info

Dr Askenase discovered the series of steps from challenge with antigen, in a sensitized host, to the entry of T cells into the site of challenge. This work uncovered a previously unrecognized role of: B-1 B cells, NKT cells, IL-4, complement, serotonin and mast cells.These findings are relevant to the diagnosis and therapy of allergic and autoimmune diseases, as well as cancers and transplantation.

International Activity

  • Allergies and Immunology
    France   (2010)
    Research on allergy, asthma and immunology
  • Allergies and Immunology
    United Kingdom   (2010)
    Research on allergy and immunology

Education & Training

Yale University (1965)
National Institutes of Health, Arthritis, Rheumatism 
Yale University School of Medicine, Inflammatory Diseases 

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