Clinical Training

In the first year fellows respond to clinical consultations from all areas of the Yale-New Haven Hospital. The areas covered include immediate hypersensitivity diseases, asthma, adult and pediatric immunodeficiencies, AIDS, immunohematology, neuroimmunology, transplantation, etc. We are responsible for coverage of adult and pediatric inpatient consults and have both adult and pediatric allergy and clinical immunology clinics.

On Fridays, the attending faculty and the fellows have grand rounds on interesting cases of the week. There is a lively exchange of clinical and research information between members of this group. On Tuesdays there is a 1:00pm Journal Club in which the fellows and the full time faculty take weekly turns in presenting recent journal articles in basic or clinical subjects of Allergy and Immunology. About every six weeks this time slot is devoted to Research in Progress in which the fellows, faculty, or research staff present their ongoing research data for the critical review by the entire group. These sessions are valuable in teaching the fellows how to organize and present their own research and to also learn from the research of others.