Ralf M Leonhardt PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Immunobiology and in Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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Research Interests

PMEL; Pmel17; gp100; melanosomes; amyloid; fibril; TAP; tapasin; MHC class I; CD1d; melanoma; cancer; more...


  • Ph.D., University of Cologne, 2005

Selected Publications

  • Leonhardt R.M., Abrahimi P., Mitchell S.M. and Cresswell P., Three tapasin docking sites in TAP cooperate to facilitate transporter stabilization and heterodimerization. J Immunol (2014), Vol. 192(5), 2480-2494
  • Leonhardt R.M., Vigneron N., Hee J.S., Graham M. and Cresswell P., Critical residues in the PMEL/Pmel17 N-terminus direct the hierarchical assembly of melanosomal fibrils. Mol Biol Cell (2013), Vol. 24(7), 964-981
  • Dimberu P.M. and Leonhardt R.M., Cancer immunotherapy takes a multi-faceted approach to kick the immune system into gear. Yale J Biol Med (2011), Vol. 84(4), 371-380



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