About the Medical Humanities & the Arts Council

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The Yale Medical Humanities and the Arts Council is committed to fostering the use of the humanities, social sciences, and the arts as a lens for examining issues in health, medicine, and healing.

We seek to:

  • Publicize events and initiatives
  • Cultivate a network of people and programs
  • Promote interdisciplinary communication and community awareness by enhancing the visibility of the rich resources and activities at Yale and in our region.

Based at the School of Medicine, the Council is an advocate for the medical humanities and the arts, encouraging and coordinating rigorous scholarship in these areas, including medical student research. At the same time, it aims at bridge-building between the health sciences center and the rest of the University, facilitating wider interchange among faculty, students, and staff across Yale who share an active interest in health, culture, and society.

John Harley Warner, Ph.D., Director
Gretchen K. Berland, M.D., Associate Director
Thomas P. Duffy, M.D., Associate Director

Contact us with any events you think we should publicize or feature, and additional courses or readings we should post on this site.