Courses of Interest

These are courses relevant to the Medical Humanities and the Arts that are supplemental to the Yale School of Medicine curriculum.


Anthropology gives a firm grounding in this comparative discipline concerned with the diverse cultural, social, and biological patterns of human societies.


Courses of interest on ethical issues from both philosophical and political perspectives.


History of Science, History of Medicine is an interdisciplinary program of studies leading toward an understanding of the development of science and medicine and their impact on society.


Courses of interest partaining to the study and analysis of literature in English and other languages.

Political Science

The problems confronting us now and in the future require an analytical capacity to bring together expertise from several disciplines


Sociology provides the theoretical and empirical foundation for understanding how societies function and how they change over time

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

The program in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies focuses on gender and sexuality as fundamental categories of social and cultural analysis

Other Courses of Interest

In addition to the courses listed above, Yale School of Medicine students will find applicable courses from both the liberal arts and the sciences.