Research at Yale

Medical Student Research: A Survival Guide

Information on how M.D. students can pursue their own research in the Humanities and the Arts.

M.D. Theses on Medicine, Culture, and Society, 1994-2010

A list of current and past M.D. theses pursued in the Humanities and the Arts, including advisor and project description.

Directory of Faculty Mentors in Medicine, Culture, and Society

YSM faculty members who have indicated that they are open to the possibility of advising Yale medical students pursuing M.D. thesis research on medicine, culture, and society.

Psychiatry, Politics and Civil Rights

Mical Raz

Mical Raz, MD, PhD, examines in her new book project The Poor Have Less the historical origins of the deprivation hypothesis, and argues that “cultural deprivation” was based on race and class-specific interpretations of sensory and maternal deprivation.