Naomi Rogers PhD

Professor in the History of Medicine and Associate Professor of History

Research Interests

20th-century American medicine; Diseases; Public health; Gender and medicine; Nursing; Alternative medicine; Health policy; Medical education

Research Summary

Naomi Rogers is an Associate Professor in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and History of Medicine departments. Her professional interests range across the history of disease, public health, gender and medicine, nursing, and alternative medicine in 19th- and 20th-century America. Her forthcoming publications include: a book tentatively titled Healer from the Outback: Sister Elizabeth Kenny, Polio and American Medicine, 1940-1952; a study of American radical health movements in the 1960s; and a study of American homeopathy in the 20th century.

Selected Publications

  • Polio Wars: Sister Kenny and the Golden Age of American Medicine, Oxford University Press, 2013
  • Save Her for the Dean: Feminists Fight the Culture of Exclusion in American Medical Education, 1970-1990, in Women Physicians and the Cultures of Medicine eds Elizabeth Fee, Ellen More and Manon Perry (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009), 205-241.
  • Polio Chronicles: Warm Springs and Disability Politics in the 1930s. Asclepio (2009) 61: 143-174.
  • Explaining Everything: The Power and Perils of Reading Rosenberg, Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences (2008) 63: 423-434.
  • Silence Has Its Own Stories: Elizabeth Kenny, Polio and the Culture of Medicine, Social History of Medicine. (2008) 21: 145-161.
  • An Alternative Path: The Making and Remaking of Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of Philadelphia Rutgers University Press, 1998
  • Dirt and Disease: Polio before FDR Rutgers University Press, 1992

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