Mical Raz MD, PhD

Laboratory Associate in the History of Medicine

Selected Publications

  • What's Wrong with the Poor? Race, Psychiatry and the War on Poverty (UNC Press, 2013)
  • The Lobotomy Letters : The Making of American Psychosurgery (U of Rochester Press: 2013)
  • Raz, M. Between the Ego and the Icepick: Psychosurgery, Psychoanalysis and Psychiatric Discourse Bulletin of the History of Medicine 2008, 82 (2): 387-420.
  • Raz, M. Was Cultural Deprivation in fact Sensory Deprivation? Deprivation, Retardation and Intervention in the USA, History of the Human Sciences, 2011, 24 (1): 51-69.
  • Raz, M. Psychosurgery, Industry and Personal Responsibility Social History of Medicine, 2010, 23(1): 116 – 133.
  • Duniec, E. and Raz, M. Vitamins for the Soul: John Bowlby’s Thesis of Maternal Deprivation, Biomedical Metaphors and the Deficiency Model of Disease, History of Psychiatry, 2011, 22(1), 93-107.
  • Raz, M., Shalev, C. and Amit, S. To Everything There is a Season - Dying of 'Old Age' in Israel, European Legacy, 2011, 16(3) , 363-76.
  • Raz, M. Anaclitic Therapy in North American Psychoanalytic and Psychiatric Practice in the 1950s-60s, Psychoanalysis and History 2010, 12 (1): 55-68.
  • Raz, M. The Painless Brain: Lobotomy, Psychiatry and the Treatment of Chronic Pain and Terminal Illness, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 2009, 52 (4): 555-65.

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