Bruno J Strasser PhD

Professor (Adjunct) in the History of Medicine

Research Interests

History of Science and Medicine

Research Summary

Bruno J. Strasser's research focuses on the history of the biomedical sciences in the 20th century.

Selected Publications

  • Strasser BJ (2008). “GenBank: Natural History in the 21st Century? ”, Science 322, 537-538
  • Strasser BJ (2008) “Magic Bullets and Wonder Pills: Making Drugs and Diseases in the Twentieth Century”, Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, 38, 303-312
  • Strasser, BJ, 2007. "How Alternative is Alternative Medicine", Nature Medicine 13 (7), 775
  • Strasser BJ, (2006). " World in One Dimension: Linus Pauling, Francis Crick and the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology", History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, 28, 491-512
  • Strasser BJ (2006) La fabrique d'une nouvelle science, La biologie moléculaire à l'âge atomique, 1945-1964, Florence: Olschki

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