Holmes Workshop Series

The Holmes Workshop Series aims to encourage scholarly discussions of ongoing research among graduate students and faculty members at Yale working on projects related to the history of science and medicine, while fostering a sense of community spirit and collegiality among members of the Program in the History of Science and Medicine. It is named after Dr. Frederic L. Holmes, former chairman of the Program.

Holmes workshops run from 4:30-6:00 on certain Mondays throughout the fall and spring semesters (see schedule). Presenters are encouraged to pre-circulate their papers or chapters when possible.

Fall 2014

September 22 
Jonny Bunning, "The Womb of the World": Commercial Surrogacy in India from Bioethics to Biopolitics
Commenter: Hae Soo Park

October 6

Charlotte Abney, “Networks of Chemistry: The Discovery of Cerium in Gustavian Sweden”
Commenter: TBA

October 27 
Carmel Raz, "Hector Berlioz’s Neurophysiological Imagination"
Commenter: Courtney Thomson

November 10 
Catherine Mas, "Making Metaphysicians: Christian Science Healing in the Late Nineteenth Century"
Commenter: Heidi Knoblauch

December 8 
Katherrine Healy, "I know I When I See It"? Accessible Pornography for the Blind"

Commenter: Jenna Healey

Spring 2015

January 12

Tess Lanzarotta, "A Lab at the Top of the World: Circumpolar Health and Indigenous Politics in Cold War Alaska"

Commenter: Marco Ramos

January 26 - CANCELLED

Barbara DiGennaro, "The Work of the Apothecary: Erudition, Experience, Authority"

Commenter: Charlotte Abney

February 16 

Heidi Knoblauch, "Medical Photography, Record Keeping, and the Doctor Patient Relationship: The Photographic Department at Bellevue Hospital, 1868 − 1906"

Commenter: Barbara Pohl

March 2 

Katie Mas, "Making Metaphysicians: Christian Science Healing in the Late Nineteenth Century"

Commenter: Laurel Waycott

March 30

Jenna Healey, "Tattletale: Teenage Pregnancy, Parental Notification, and the Rise of the New Right"

Commenter: Alyssa Battistoni

April 13 

Haesoo Park, "Dirt of Words, Fissure in Structures: The Postcolonial Feminist Cells"

Commenter: Gerardo Con Diaz

April 27

Ashanti Shih


Commenter: Jonny Bunning