Sanatorio Allende
Nephrology, Cardiology, Ob-GYN and Pediatrics

Yale medical students will participate in rounds with the medical team, attend outpatient clinics, as well as round on the in-patient service units.  In addition, there may be opportunities to observe and compare clinical activities at other community based public hospitals.

Students are required to speak Spanish on an intermediate level in order to maximize their experience in Cordoba. Clinical rotations are currently available in Nephrology, Cardiology, Ob-Gyn, and Pediatrics.

The principal preceptor on this elective is Dr. Marcello Orias who did his fellowship training at Yale and has a faculty appointment in the Yale Department of Internal Medicine.

University of Buenos Aires

Various Disciplines

The University of Buenos Aires is the largest and most highly regarded university in Argentina.

Because the medical school at UBA is part of a large hospital system, students may choose among many different types of clinical electives. 

Clinical Responsibilities: 

Clinical rotation sites are available depending on the student’s particular interests.  Students are required to have a high degree of fluency in Spanish as rounds and daily activities will be, on most services, conducted in Spanish.  UBA requires a language assessment which we will help you arrange.


Cordoba2009Leah McNally
Thomas Morland
2010Sumayya Ahmad
Katherine Rose
2011JoséLuis Gonzalez
Natalie Spicyn
2012Michael Ma
Adelina Hung
Marjorie Guerra
2013Jonathan Levin
Amy Schoenfeld
Nyasha George
2014Matthew Marr
Siobhan Case
Susan Maya
2015Flavia DeSouza
UBA2010Yoshio Kaneko
2011Tyler Dodds
Ava Golchin
Odayme Quesada
Kaitlin Koerber
2012Carl Berdahl
José Luis Gonzalez
Michelle Joy
Noreen Singh
2014Neel Butala
Michael Alpert
Marco Ramos
Moustafa Moustafa
Marianna Freudzon
2015Xin He
Brian Letzen