Mwandi Hospital

Dr. Michael O’Brien, Department of Surgery, makes an annual two-week trip to the village of Mwandi, on the Zambezi River in southwest Zambia, volunteering in the local Mwandi Hospital, a 50-bed rural facility. Dr. O’Brien takes one 4th/5th year medical student with him to assist in general surgical and medicine responsibilities. The student must have completed both surgical and medicine clerkships and express a strong interest in international health. Costs are subsidized in part by The Yale Surgical Society, but students are also expected to contribute.

Mwandi Hospital is a rural 50 bed hospital located in the village of Mwandi, on the Zambezi River, midway between Livingstone and Sesheke, in the southwest corner of Zambia. The medical experience would primarily be surgical but students would be caring for patients with infectious and medical diseases as well.


2007Heather McGee
2008Jonathan Lu
2009Jill Rubenstein
2010Matthew Hornick
2011Kiavash Nikkhuo
2012Adam Sang
2013Oluwarotimi Okuhade
2014Paul Bagi
2015Lise Tchouta