South Africa

Church of Scotland Hospital
KwaZulu Natal
Tugela Ferry
Internal Medicine

Although TB is the leading cause of death among HIV-infected patients in South Africa, care of the two diseases has been separate, leading to fragmented patient care and suboptimal patient outcomes. Dr. Gerald Friedland has worked on projects integrating care for HIV and TB and this is the focus of collaborative operational research projects in KwaZulu Natal. In addition, the discovery of XDR TB has been a focus of a more recent investigation. The surrounding area is hilly, mountainous, and very rural with one tarred road, dirt roads and paths, and humble family compounds. The site affords a genuine rural African medical experience. While students will have protective gear to wear during clinical experiences at Tugela Ferry, students must consider that XDR TB is a potentially fatal disease. In particular, any student who may be immune-compromised should not consider this site for a clinical rotation.


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