Life at Yale

Last month was the most wonderful part in my life, since I have the chance to join in the exchange program of Yale and know so much about Yale University.

Coming from a small town of China, this was my first time I took a plane and spent such a long time in a foreign country. However I didn’t felt nervous at all, although Yale was a strange place for me. I think this was because of the lovely people I met in Yale, and this was what I am impressed most during this journey.

I still remember the day Mark walked me down to the library to find a psychiatry textbook for the clerkship. Also I felt so touched when Jennifer walked with us to the health center and brought umbrellas for each of us. Robin was always there when we needed help. Bob arranged a short meeting with me just to make sure everything went well in my clerkship. Lucy had helped me so much that I adapted to the life in Yale so quickly.

Besides the lovely people which impressed me a lot, the clerkship in CMHC (Connecticut Mental Health Center) was another amazing part, since it taught me about the medical system and medical education in Yale. I worked with two medical students in CMHC, Jovana and Brooks. At first, I thought college students in US liked leisure life and were not so hard-working. However I was totally wrong. Usually we began our work at 9 am, and I always got there at around 8 am. Everytime I stepped in the office, I could see Brooks were working there and said hello to me. Doctors were hard-working too. I worked in the team B under Dr. Jean-Baptiste’s instruction. He always showed up with a bunch of papers, such as articles in JAMA or Science. And he’d like to share the information with students. Every week there was a journal club in which doctors or students would give a presentation about a recent research on psychiatry. At that time, he and Dr. Beech always commented the presentation with the latest research. It was a good way to learn the frontiers of research. Besides the journal club there is one or two workshops for 10-15 students practicing clerkship in psychiatry. Teachers would talk about a specific topic, such as latest improvement of anti-psychiatric drugs and so on. Student can learn a lot since it is a kind of small group discussion in which you can ask any kind of question around the topic, and doctors would illustrate their ideas with their own study or recent researches.

Also the days in CMHC taught me how to take care of the weak and the poor, since most of the patients in CMHC are homeless and poor because of their mental illness. Also I have seen the great part of US medical system because it takes its responsibility to take care of the weak in the society. However so many patients get down and out because of their illness. I hope that the poor can receive that kind of service one day in China.

The days in Yale were just like staying with a big family. So many people were caring about us and enjoying wonderful days together which I will always remember.