James Mark Lazenby, PhD, APRN

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Biographical Info

Mark Lazenby earned his Master's of Science in Nursing, specializing in oncology, from YSN in 2009. He is an Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner. He previously earned a Master's in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a PhD in Philosophy of Religion from Boston University.

Immediately after graduating from YSN, Dr. Lazenbyworked with his hands as a Fulbright Scholar at the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) in Amman, Jordan, where he and his colleagues are researching the role of religion and spirituality in the wellbeing of cancer patients treated at KHCC. He also is interested in the nexus of religious beliefs and practice and treatment decision-making for Muslims who are in treatment for cancer.

In addition, Dr. Lazenby has an ongoing study that seeks to identify what influences where people in Botswana, Southern Africa, die (home or hospital). His is the first place-of-death study in Sub-Saharan Africa. He also studies the symptoms of patients in treatment for cancer in Gaborone, Botswana.

Read more about Mark Lazenby in Yale Nursing Mattersmagazine, "Bringing a philosophical perspective to palliative care."

International Activity

  • Describing the Physical and Psychological Symptoms of Patients in Treatment for Cancer, Gaborone
    Gaborone, Botswana(2013 - 2013)
    The overall purpose of this project is to explore the feasibility of long-term collaboration with the School of Nursing, University of Botswana, and Holy Cross Hospice. It explores this feasibility through a joint research project to describe the physical and psychological symptoms of patients in two settings: an inpatient oncology unit at Princess Marina Hospital and home-based patients who receive care through Holy Cross Hospice. This cross-sectional design will use a well-validated instrument that has been used in sub-Saharan Africa, the Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale-Short Form (MSAS-SF), with additional demographic and disease-oriented variables. The MSAS-F measures physical symptom distress, psychological symptom distress, and global distress. It will also explore the feasibility through meetings with local partners and key stakeholders. The proposed international clinical experience innovates by engaging students in an exploration of clinical nursing research in global health cancer care at the same time it explores possible collaboration between the two university-based graduate nursing programs. YSN students, under the supervision of YSN faculty, will help to conduct clinical nursing research on the physical and psychological symptoms of patients with cancer, alongside students and faculty from UB and staff from HCH. Duration: June 3-21, 2013 http://nursing.yale.edu/our-programs

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