About the Program

Visiting Student Elective Program

Students studying at international medical schools who are in their final year of medical school are eligible to enroll in one or two four-week clinical elective(s). Please note that U.S. residents/citizens studying at international medical schools are not eligible for this program. 

Application Deadline - We recommend that we receive your application 6 months before the start of your chosen elective.

Clinical Electives

Read the descriptions of electives carefully before listing your choices. You may not change your choices or dates of elective after your application has been submitted to elective department. Students may not apply for more than two clinical electives, for a maximum of eight weeks at Yale School of Medicine. If you apply for two electives, they must be taken in consecutive date periods and be on different clinical services.

If you are requesting an elective in Internal Medicine, you MUST specify the sub-specialty you are requesting. For all electives, please be sure to use the same elective title as listed on our website. This will help ensure you get the elective you are requesting. 


The tuition for a four-week clinical elective for students from international schools is $3500. The tuition for eight weeks is $7000.  Tuition is subject to increases with every new academic year.  This typically happens in June.

Housing Costs

OIMSE no longer offers dormitory housing.  Click here to access useful links for housing in the area of the medical campus.  

Other Costs

We estimate that minimum living expenses for a month will amount to at least $1000.

To Apply

Please assemble all of the required documents and application* in a single envelope to:

Office of International Medical Student Education
ES Harkness Hall
367 Cedar St. Room 214 
New Haven, CT 06510.  

* We will not process incomplete applications