BMS Online Tutorials

BMS 2000 Overview

BMS 2000 is a database system that sorts data and looks up information. BMS 2000 is the system underlying many different applications used by Yale School of Medicine. This tutorial covers :

  • Grant/Contract Proposal and Award System (GPAS)
  • Grants Contracts Reporting System (GAC)
  • Human Investigations Committee (HIC) Protocol Tracking System

Grants and Contracts Reporting (GAC)

The Grants and Contracts Reporting System (GAC) is located within the BMS 2000 system. GAC is used to look at "the big picture", a compilation of data for an entire section or department. For example, you can look up the number of National Institutes of Health grants within a department or all grants and contracts for one Principal Investigator (PI). 

Grant/Contract Proposal and Award System (GPAS)

Grant/Contract Proposal and Award System (GPAS) is used for looking up detailed information about specific grants or contracts, such as looking up one Principal Investigator’s (PI) grant and/or contract.