Gift Deposits

Please print entire PTAEO and RIF number on all gift checks!

The following departments require documentation for Medical School gift deposits. They are:

  • Development Office
    Bonnie Sargent
    157 Church Street
  • Contribution Processing
    157 Church Street

Gifts under $250 may be grouped on one line of a RIF using VARIOUS as the Payer Name. Each gift over $250 must have it's own line (but not a separate RIF).

For each gift check, you must prepare two identical stapled packets of the following:

  1. Copy of the RIF Tracking Slip
  2. Copy of the check and stub with entire PTAEO printed on check
  3. Copy of the donor letter (if available) or any material that accompanied the check 
  4. Copy of the letter of acknowledgement from Yale

These packets are to be placed in two interdepartmental mail envelopes addressed to the above locations.  To make the addressing easier, create a sheet of labels using the above template for each location.

If you wish, you may drop these envelopes, marked HAND DELIVER, in the mailbox at I-100 SHM and we will deliver them by courier.