Business Office Operational Support Team (BOOST)


To provide efficient, reliable and temporary business and financial administration to all medical school departments by offering expertise through an extensive skill set ranging from basic to complex, thereby maintaining existing financial processes to allow for timely and accurate decision making.


The Business Office Operational Support Team (BOOST) program provides temporary short and longer term support for a variety of typical business office tasks. The need for BOOST support is a result of staff vacancies, assignment to departmental or institutional projects, or during particularly busy times of year (such as during fiscal year end or annual budget preparation).

The BOOST program also provides support for activities of enduring value, such as teaching staff how to better capitalize upon existing financial systems and tools, and instruction in financial and administrative best practices.

BOOST staff are dedicated mid-level financial and administrative staff who are managed and deployed by YSM Financial Operations.

Statement of Scope

This support will not typically include direct support for faculty or the direct provision of clinical or research activities but exceptions can be discussed on an individual basis. This support is also aimed at providing short term support to departments and is not intended as a replacement for the hiring of permanent staff at the department level.

Typical Assignment Length

Assignments may be short or long term and may coincide with regular Finance Office duties, depending on scope and work priorities. Typical assignments are no more than 90 days in length and no more than 60% FTE as resources allow but exceptions can be discussed on an individual basis.

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Contact Information

Kenneth Hoyt
Director, YSM Business Operations 
Phone: (203) 785-4449
Fax: (203) 785-5397