Benefits & Compensation

Sabbatical & Triennial Leaves of Absence

The leave of absence policies for sabbatical and triennial leaves described here apply to faculty in the Traditional Track, Investigator Track, Clinician-Educator Track, and Clinician-Scholar Track. Note that the Leave of Absence policy for the School of Medicine differs from the policy set forth in the Yale University Faculty Handbook.

Child Rearing & Caregiver Policies

  • Child Rearing Leaves
  • Caregiver Leaves
  • Short-term Disability
  • Extensions of Appointment

Faculty Compensation

As part of its commitment to equity, the Dean's Office collaborates with each department within the School of Medicine in developing specific guidelines (reviewed annually) as to how compensation is determined. Every department provides these guidelines to each of its faculty members.

Faculty Phased Retirement Plan

The University is offering a new Faculty Phased Retirement Plan (FPRP) to tenured faculty and Professors with continuing appointment in the ladder faculty tracks at the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health.